St.Giles’, St.Bartholomew’s & St.Mary’s | Bible study groups
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Bible Study House Groups


2 Falcon Drive, Whittington

Mondays 1930-2100 (generally weeks 1 and 3)

Currently using interactive Bible engagement materials

Led by Gill Hollis


Wren Cottage, Darnford Lane, Whittington

Tuesdays 1430-1600 (weeks 1 and 3)

19 Main Street, Whittington

Tuesdays (every week) 1930-2100

A mixture of people from different traditions attend. Leadership rotates week by week under the overall guidance of Rowena Acher


Please check the monthly CALENDAR in case of changes

An introduction to the Bible

A brief introduction to the Bible WWH

A Very Brief Introduction to the Bible video!

An introduction to the Gospels:

An Introduction to the Gospel of St Mark WWH

An Introduction to the Gospel of St Matthew WWH

An Introduction to the Gospel of St John WWH

An Introduction to the Gospel of St Luke WWH

An introduction to other sacred texts

An Introduction to the Song of Songs – the love song of Solomon WWH

An Introduction to the Psalms WWH

Links to different ways Psalms have been sung WWH

An Introduction to the Book of the Prophet Jonah WWH

Reading the Bible

Read the Bible in a year

Bible Book Club

Support for reading the Bible and praying with children

God Venture

BRF – Bible Reading Fellowship

Bible Society