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RUACH – promoting spiritual growth and healing


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Father Jason and Lynne Mills, our administrator, head up ‘RUACH’, the aim of which is to combine spiritual growth with a wider wellbeing remit. It encourages conversations between medicine and theology. It is an organisation for all Christian peoples, and people on a spiritual journey. The organisation has a significant and growing membership across the Lichfield diocese, the wider UK and internationally, for example in Jerusalem and Sweden.

Its primary output is a three-times a year magazine with a wide range of articles. These range from devotional poetry, reports, pictures, academic writings, to biographies – complex and simple – all to encourage personal and community spiritual growth and wellbeing. The latest issues of the RUACH magazine can be found above.

The second feature of RUACH’s work is to enable a programme of retreats. Reports of these have featured in the Parish Magazine – ‘Footsteps from the Stable’, ‘Open the Door of Your Heart’, ‘Holly in the Candle Flame’, ‘I Thirst’, and ‘In Praise of the Lord’.

RUACH grew out of a previous organization – The John Young Foundation’ – with which Fr Jason became involved when a priest at Stafford St. Mary’s. John Young was an eminent psychiatrist and an Anglican priest in Stafford. After taking early retirement from the NHS in 1987, he was awarded a research fellowship at Queen’s College, Birmingham. The following year he became Director of the Churches Council for Health and Healing. He travelled widely and and did much to promote and encourage the Christian Healing Ministry. He saw the need to regionalise for this largely London-based organization and opened an area centre in Stafford where he was known and respected in both medical and church communities.

The John Young Foundation was established after John Young’s early death in 1991 to continue, in some measure, what he had begun in the new centre. The Foundation closed in 2016 after 25 years and its books are now housed in the Shallowford Retreat House ‘John Young Library’. Fr Jason and Lynne took on the magazine and retreat work of the organization to continue this special gift.

RUACH is an important expression of Fr Jason’s priestly work in developing spirituality in our parishes and on a wider canvas. It also expresses Lynne’s ministry as a national evangelist. Fr Jason encourages us all to embrace RUACH as well as other spiritual opportunities to strengthen our walk with the Lord in life and faith.

“Don’t live the same day over and over again and call that a life. Life is about evolving mentally, spiritually and emotionally” – Germany Kent.